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Gift Shop

Our gift shop offers kids items, local products such as pottery, and an excellent selection of books on Wayne County. The kids section includes hand puppets, educational games, Egypt related items, small toys, and the ever popular mood rings.                                                                                                                  


Books | CDs


You are in for a surprise. We have many new items including:

  • Folkmanis finger and hand puppets
  • Many new books including 9 books on Richmond and Wayne County. Several others are available about Indiana.
  • We carry 4 CDs relating to our local area.
  • Warm Glow Candles
  • DK books for children and teens
  • Fun toys including many stocking stuffers
  • Pottery from Scott Shafer
  • Home-Made Goats Milk Soap by Lorri Potter
  • Egyptian Accents made in Egypt
  • Cloth purses and bags made in Turkey
  • Caspari Greeting Cards   



Many people are finding those hard to find or unique gifts right here at the Museum.


Wayne County and Richmond books that are for sale in the Wayne County Historical Museum gift shop as of 12/29/15

WW II Veterans of Wayne County, Indiana, They served during America's darkest & finest hours.

by Duane E. Hodgin


Veterans of Wayne County, Indiana, Korea/Vietnam, Forgotten Warriors: Against the Odds

by Duane E. Hodgin


Devil's Tales, History, Legacy, and Memories, A Walk through the Halls of Morton and RHS

by Mary Lou Griffey, Executive Director RHSAA & Duane E. Hodgin


Images of America, RICHMOND

by Susan E. King & Thomas D. Hamm


Richmond's Pennsylvania Depot Site: Gateway to American History

by Steve Martin


A Pictorial History of Wayne County, Indiana

by Carolyn Lafever

$15.00 (hardbound)

The Gaar Family – “Pioneers of Industry, Richmond, Indiana”

by Joanna Hill Mikesell and Annette S. Warfel

$49.99 (hardbound)

Robinson & Co., The History of Swayne Robinson & Co. 1842-1997

$15.00 (paperback)

A Brief History of Early Richmond

by Luther M. Feeger

$1.00 (paperback)

NEW!! An Introduction to the Egyptian Gallery at the Wayne County Historical Museum Richmond, Indiana

by Bonnie M. Sampsell, Ph. D. 2006



Wayne County and Richmond CDs that are for sale in the Wayne County Historical Museum gift shop as of 1/1/08


The Richmond Historic Auto Tour;  Places to go, Sites to See –Auto CD and route map for 2-hour guided driving tour of historic sites in Richmond and Wayne County


Gennett Records, Greatest Hits: Volume 1  -Gennett Records


Gennett Records, Greatest Hits: Volume III  -Gennett Records-  Gennett Richmond, In. US