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Help Support the Museum!  

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer help is a critical factor in the life of non-profits such as the Wayne County Historical Museum. The savings in cash to the Museum cannot be measured. The list of our volunteers is growing but more are needed. If you have a special skill or interest, there may be a place for you in the Museum volunteer program.

Museum tour guides met with Jim Harlan for lunch and a training session in September. Over 4,000 students come for tours during the year, not to mention the senior groups, clubs, and organizations that frequent the Museum. Several new guides are now serving with seasoned guides. We thank them all!If you would like to be a part of the Museum volunteer staff, you should contact the Museum at (765) 962-5756.

You can also fill out the Volunteer Form.

Volunteers are needed in these areas:

  1. Docents (tour guides) After training, docents take school students through the museum. Both fun and encouraging seeing and talking to our future leaders. Almost all groups are made up of wide-eyed and ready to learn students. Typical school group is 4th grade. The busy time is during the months of April, May, and Sept., Oct. during the year. Docents pick their own time and group to work with.
  2. Registers (catalog collections) Must be able to work with computers and a real plus would be familiar with Past Perfect software. Log in articles, mark articles and enter in computer. Time would be subject to volunteer timetable. Work with collections and computers.
  3. Display and Exhibit creators (set up displays) Working with collections to establish displays and text to tell stories of exhibits. Creative position limited only by volunteer imagination with approval of Director. Many articles have not been on display for years. Rotation of exhibits and creating temporary displays important.
  4. Special Events volunteers (work at museum special events) Help in one of many ways to create successful events. Three or more events are staged by Museum on an annual basis. Many job duties are available and much freedom to help with special event fundraising programs.
  5. Speaker and program presenter (be an extension of Museum by giving programs on behalf of Museum) Any historical subject can be talked about, told story about or presented in a form to better the community understanding and thought of the Museum.
  6. Carpenter and woodworker (wood working skills) Many chances to use your ability to fix, build or improve Museum physical assets.
  7. Gardening and Landscaping (green thumb) Help us improve our lawn, trees, planting and flowers. Always room to improve our overall appearance.
  8. Painting (painting of buildings) Many walls both exterior and interior need painting.
  9. Writer (author a book or an article) We have identified many subject that need to be written about and the story told.
  10. Gift Shop Helper (organize, buyer for gift shop) Even help with sales during school tours.
  11. Gopher (do you have access to a truck and are able to help us pick up articles for the Museum?) This is on a need basis. Many times we need help moving items.
  12. Photographer (we would love to start recording our special events) We could use help in printing glass plate negatives and also metal plates.
  13. Weekend Staffing (could you qualify to staff the Museum on Sat. and Sunday) This would work well for a husband and wife team.
  14. Fundraising (are you comfortable calling on people and businesses for support to fund our important mission) Whether it is for our annual appeal or gift certificates for special events, we need funding.
  15. Demonstrating and Teaching (can you demonstrate a craft or talent that would add to the Museum experience) We can use you if you are just willing to wear a historical period costume and walk around.
  16. Scrapbook Keeper (help us organize and keep track of our events by means of a scrapbook or digital record) We need to record our own history.
  17. Volunteer Coordinator (help make volunteering efforts run smooth) A take charge person could really make a difference in the Museum future.
  18. Board Member (Meet on a monthly basis to help steer the course for the Museum and its future) Three year term of office. Please check with Jim as to duties and responsibilities.

If the above list does not cover what you like to do and you have your own ideas on how you can help, please let us know.

Thanks for your help.

Karen Shank-Chapman, Executive Director

The Volunteer Staff at the Museum is Outstanding. WE SALUTE YOU!